What is certified translation?

In Serbia, a court interpreter or a sworn translator is a person licensed by the Ministry of Justice to certify translated documents, whereby each certified translation represents an official document. A court interpreter or sworn translator is a person who has passed a certification exam and sworn an oath before the Ministry of Justice. They are authorized to use a 38-milimeter round stamp, with their first and last name, their title and the time, date and language they were appointed, to certify the translated documents, thus validating that the translated version is identical to the original document.

When do you need certified translation?

Certified translation is required for all documents to be submitted to legal authorities (documents to incorporate a company, product import documentation, tender documentation etc.). When you are not sure, it is always best to ask institution you are submitting documentation to.

Requirements will vary based on the type and purpose of the document and it may happen that you might need some other certification, for example medical product import often requires an official stamp of the medical doctor.

The documents that are most often translated and certified:
Business documentation:

  • Contracts
  • Product import documentation
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patents
  • Employment contracts
  • Warranty statements
  • Court transcripts
  • Extracts from the Trade Register
  • Medical reports
  • Patients instructions leaflets for regulatory approval
  • CTA-Clinical trial Agreements
Personal documentation:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Immigration documents
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Passports

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What certified translation looks like
  • First page header: states this is certified translation from original to target language
  • Each page has sworn translator’s stamp
  • Last page footer: Clear mark where the translation ends


  • A statement from a sworn translator that certifies translation is equivalent to the original source document.
  • Unique registration number of the certified translator obtained from the Ministry of Justice.
  • Seal and signature of the translator
  • Date of the translation

Certified translation is secured with the security cord and stamp of the sworn translator. Only original documents and their translation is valid to the authorities so you need to collect the translation or we can send it via secured postage services.

How to order certified translation

When ordering certified translation, please make sure to provide the original documents, as these must be attached to the translation by the security cord.

Copies or scanned documents are not accepted by the authorities.

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Sworn Translation and Certification process