Language assessment

We offer testing your new or existing employees’ language proficiency.

Our tests are customized to fit each company’s unique requirements, so talk to us: we will listen and develop a custom-made solution that fits your needs.

Our assessments can be adapted to assess new recruits, mid-level managers, and senior executives, to help you make better-informed decisions about recruitment, workforce development or maximize the return on investment of training programs.

Language assessments can be conducted in person, by phone, or online via Skype.

Translation quality assessment

When you are not sure about the quality and accuracy of your existing translated assets, such as your website, software or documents, we can provide translation quality assessment service.

When it is important to convey the right message to the people reading your translated text, and you’re worried about them getting the wrong message, checking the quality of the translation is the first course of action.

Quality matters. Don’t find yourself in a situation to choose between quality, speed and cost.

Translation quality assessment includes (but is not limited to):

  • Grammatical assessment
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Typographical assessment
  • Text formatting
  • Checking for inconsistencies
  • Cultural/regional appropriateness

Do you have a series of multilingual interviews or focus groups coming up? Do you need to transfer your ideas and tasks from your head to your multilingual team? Being able to tap into a productivity-boosting multilingual transcription solution that can help to finish projects and tasks at hand in an efficient, cost-effective way goes a long way.

When you need professionally translated and transcribed audio or video materials, you can rely on EuroTranslate. We specialize in high-quality transcription services at affordable rates with quick turnaround times.

Types of transcriptions: interviews, court hearings, CD & DVD recordings, focus groups, telephone interviews, group discussions, etc.

Linguistic validation

Sometimes translation of the original document is not detailed enough and has to be adapted to include terms that are appropriate for use in the target population and target region, understandable and unambiguous.

A linguistic validation process includes the following steps:



Forward Translation involves at least two independent translators who translate the source material into the target language.



Reconciliation means having the two forward translations compared and reconciled into a combined version, conceptually equivalent to the source.



Back Translation - the reconciled translation is translated back into the original source language. The back translations should be performed by (at least) two independent, separate translators who have not seen the original source document or material.



Final Review involves reviewing the back translations compared to the original source document to determine if the harmonized translation is accurate and linguistically valid alongside the original. At this stage the translation team works together to produce the final corrected translation.

This is followed by a cognitive debriefing interview to ensure the content is valid and understandable.

Medical readability testing

When registering a new drug in Serbia, the marketing authorization applicant may be requested to submit the readability tests upon request of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia, according to the Rulebook on the Content of Application and Documentation for, and Manner of Obtaining a Marketing Authorization for Medicinal Products. Even though Serbia is not a member of the European Union, the QRD templates applicable in Serbia are in compliance with the EU QRD templates.

For more information, please visit Eurotranslate Medical website.

Alongside a full range of language services, we aim to provide support with any of your linguistic needs, aiming to help you develop solutions to optimize the translation-related processes. This may include support in the drafting of documents, analysis of specific document families in order to detect repetitive or similar text passages which could be harmonized in document templates to reduce translation costs, or the analysis of document workflows. The workload for this type of service depends greatly on the complexity of each individual case.

We can help your company smoothly enter the global market. Thorough language preparation is one of the keys to success. You can save time and money by consulting our experts before starting a language-related project.

We will make a detailed assessment of your company’s goals, then based on this assessment offer personalized and exhaustive practical advice and professional services.
We can face any linguistic challenge.
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