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To compete in today’s global marketplace, you must be able to communicate effectively with customers, companies, various agencies and personnel regardless of their native language or location. Whether you need interpreting for a conference, company registration or even a marriage ceremony, contact us and we will provide the right linguist to be by your side - at highly-competitive rates.

Our interpreters are highly skilled, qualified and experienced, aware of their roles as cross-cultural facilitators, and committed to delivering a prompt, professional and confidential service.

Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Used for: multilingual conferences, large-scale events.
  • Equipment: Complete simultaneous interpretation equipment is needed (booths, headphones, receivers, etc.).
  • Minimum number of interpreters: 2
Consecutive interpreting services icon
Consecutive Interpreting
  • Used for: business meetings, interviews, on-site visits, press conferences, clinical study audits and one-to-one or group interpreting.
  • Equipment: no special equipment is required as the interpreter starts translating after the speaker has paused.
  • Minimum number of interpreters: 1
Sworn translation judge
Sworn interpreting for company registration procedure

When registering a company, documentation in a foreign language needs to be translated by a court-certified translator.

During the process of registration, you need to sign the documentation at the court and you must be accompanied by a court-certified interpreter for your native language. This process takes about an hour.

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Video interpreting
  • Chat interpreting
  • Online interpreting
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