Eurotranslate provides formatting and DTP (desktop publishing, OCR) design services, which is one of crucial stages of the translation process. DTP (Desktop publishing) refers to formatting the layout of the translated document in order to graphically match the original document.

For brochures, presentations, marketing materials and other documents that require special formatting, DTP is a must. With this in mind, we provide multilingual desktop publishing services to fully localize your document’s appearance for the target audience.

The layout and visual appearance of your document, whether it is a technical manual or marketing materials, can make a difference between the successful, impactful, readable content and illegible mess! This especially applies to the documents that need to be translated into several languages that might be very different from one another, so the logic of the layout, the expanding or contracting of the text in different languages, as well as the sentence flow and grammatical structures, might completely change the look of the original document.

Another crucial function of the DTP service is making sure that each document is visually acceptable from a cultural standpoint. Certain graphics and color choices may be offensive in some cultures and will need to be adapted for the local markets. Design can also carry some grammatical implications, as certain countries use characters and punctuation differently.

During the DTP process, providing good appearance and maintaining accurate content are equally important: a tiny typography mistake or a culturally irrelevant translation will have a negative impact on brand image and possibly result in delays and extra costs - or even worse: one wrong figure in medical documents can result in product recall, misdiagnosis, or even mistreatment of patients.
DTP by EuroTranslate

Our expert multilingual DTP specialists work with our translation team, primarily tasked with ensuring your translated content looks as good as it did in the original language and reads just as well, and dedicated to producing a localized mirror of the original design and layout.

Any possible printer’s errors are also corrected at the proofreading stage. In this way, we supply you with a fully printable document that you can send directly to the printer.

The benefits of formatting in the translation process:
  • Visual identity matching the original file
  • Keeping the integrity and the structure of the page
  • Peace of mind for the client
  • More favorable deadlines and costs, when compared to hiring a third party for this service
  • Translated material is not only technically accurate but also culturally appropriate
  • You can trust us to accurately adapt your translation into any multilingual font or typeset
Multilingual DTP Services include:


  • Primary content analysis
  • Font and typography management
  • Custom formatting and page layout
  • Creating and editing graphic elements
  • Cross-platform document conversion
  • Creation of particular target-language DTP
  • Quality assurance check
DTP help – frequently asked:

The formatting details of your translation project, as well as language(s) and type of a document will help determine how much time, work, and cost is required.

  • Different languages take up more space
  • Images/graphics require a separate type of editing
  • If your source file, in any format, includes any images or graphics that cannot be edited in that format, additional, specialized editing is required for your file to be completely translated
  • Different file formats can get complicated

Sometimes a source file is provided as a .pdf but requested for delivery as a .docx file. Sometimes, when making that conversion, the formatting gets shifted —sometimes just a little bit, sometimes a lot.

Sometimes a source file is provided as a .pdf but requested for delivery as a .docx file. Sometimes, when making that conversion, the formatting gets shifted —sometimes just a little bit, sometimes a lot,  so it can take a lot of DTP expert’s time to adjust everything and make the translated file look the same as the source.  Supplying your source file as a .docx file, means it’s editable as it is, will make things easier and faster for the translation team and also less expensive for you.


Before you translate or publish your next set of documents, let us review what needs to be adjusted:

  • Keeping inter-punctuation and layout across all language versions consistent
  • Finding and correcting all corrupted fonts
  • Layering all of your requested revisions
  • Correcting any departures from your source files
  • Notifying you of all irregularities in the translated content and any errors that may have occurred.
How much does DTP service cost? For further information go to our fees page.
Languages supported
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Serbian
  • Slovenian
  • Bosnian
  • Croatian
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Albanian
  • Montenegrin