“Yesterday Mr. Hall wrote that the printer's proof-reader was improving my punctuation for me, & I telegraphed orders to have him shot without giving him time to pray.” 

Mark Twain, 1889

Every document undergoes a 3-step quality assurance process in order to achieve the utmost quality of translation. These steps are: editing, proofreading and final quality check.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Editing and proofreading represent two different stages of the revision process, ensuring the quality of the translation.


  • Editing is performed by a linguist different from the one that had performed the translation.
  • To ensure quality, our editors are experts in the subject fields of the translation e.g. medical doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, etc.
  • Their task is to compare the final translation against the original to ensure the translation's suitability for the required purpose and respect for the conventions of the domain it belongs to.
  • The document is being checked for mistranslations, terminology, vocabulary inconsistencies and clarity, in order to adapt text for the target audience.


  • After completing the editing part, the translated document is passed on to a proofreader.
  • The proofreader’s task is to identify and correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary errors, making sure that nothing has been omitted in the translation.
  • Proofreading services are often underrated. They can be described “polishers” of raw translation who ensure your message is transferred properly to the readers.
Why are proofreading and editing so important?

Though often overlooked and disregarded, proofreading is incredibly important. Even if you are not passionate about the language or correct phrasing, while reading an advertisement, article or a report with errors, you can sometimes find it irritating to read or complex to understand. All of this will make it difficult for you to take the author or the company seriously.

If an advertisement is being used in an international campaign to attract potential customers, poor language will reduce trust and engagement and result in negative feedback, as we have seen from infamous marketing blunders all over the world.

As a company, it is also important to make certain that your emails, standard letters, as well as your promotional materials, are free from errors and depict your company in a professional manner. By utilizing our proofreading services, you will make sure your professional reputation is upheld.

Why use a proofreading service?

Editing and proofreading services can often be undervalued. They are a sort of a “final polish” for the raw translation and ensure your message is conveyed properly to target audience.


Mistakes and omission may cause financial losses, lawsuits and seriously damage company’s reputation. Using automatic translation or obvious low-cost translations speaks volumes about the company’s attitude towards their customers and appreciation for them. It is difficult to take a company seriously when it cannot even translate their own materials properly.

Editing and proofreading as a standalone service

Editing and proofreading are integral parts of EUROTRANSLATE PREMIUM translation package, but you can also order it as a standalone service when you are not sure of the quality of translation from other sources.

We offer:

  • Expert linguistic review
  • Translation quality check
  • Tracked feedback of translation quality

When you need a certified translation of official, academic, medical, or administrative documents, contracts or technical data - just call us!