How much does translation cost?

Prices vary according to language, format and type of documentation.

Clients often request a price per page, which in many cases does not reflect the real price of document translation. For example, if a documentation is repetitive, the price can be substantially reduced. Therefore, we encourage clients to submit their documentation for analysis, prior to translation, in order to be able to provide an optimized solution.

  • Lowest prices
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Qualified translators

Recommended for:

  • In-company documentation
  • Newspapers and magazine articles
  • E-mail correspondence
  • Newsletters and marketing communication


  • Translation
  • Quick quality check
  • Quality translations at competitive prices
  • Qualified translators
  • Expert proofreaders

Recommended for:

  • General technical documentations
  • General business documentation
  • General legal documentation
  • Financial documentation


  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Quality check
  • Premium quality
  • 3 quality assurance steps
  • Specialised translators
  • Expert editors with subject-related educational background and expertise
  • Proofreaders with 10+ years of experience

Recommended for highly specialized documentation:

  • Specialized technical documentation
  • Specialized business documentation
  • Specialized legal documentation
  • Medical documentation
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Marketing documentation
  • Software localization


  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Quality check
Could not find a suitable package?

Please contact us with your translation needs or requirements – we will offer you a tailored solution that fits your objectives!

How to save you time and money
  • Format is important

Sending us editable format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Xml...) saves you cost with formatting and enables us to give you a competitive price based on repetitive text.

  • Terminology list and glossaries

In case you have terminology list or glossaries, it will enable us to follow your corporate defined terminology and will save time for you internal reviewers.

  • Translation memory

Translation memory from old translations will enable us to give you further discount. There is no need to you pay for same translation twice.

  • Don't have any of the above? No problem.

You can send us your old translations and we will create your customized translation memory and glossaries for you. All further translations will be stored at your TM which will bring you discounts and consistency of terminology.

Other language services prices

The service prices depend on the type of service requested, any additional request and specific needs.
Please contact us with your translation needs or requirements – we will offer you a tailored solution that fits your objectives!